Our ride on the skill-game rollercoaster

Our ride on the skill-game rollercoaster

The year 2017 marked when casino games representing the first true intersection of skill-based

Interactivity and gambling finally started appearing on casino floors in multiple jurisdictions.

GameCo released its VGM cabinets in New Jersey and later in Connecticut; we at Gamblit Gaming deployed our Model G multi-player interactive tables and TriStation multi-game systems to Nevada and California locations.

A variety of skill-based offerings—both by up-and-coming startups and industry heavyweights—cropped up at the Global Gaming Expo, and just recently,

Our ride on the skill-game rollercoaster Competition Interactive debuted its skill-based racing game at Planet Hollywood.

It’s clear that each of these products, launches and milestones involved years of preparation and the extraordinarily dedicated work of many people.

While I can’t speak for all these projects, I can certainly offer a cursory peek into our own journey, which has proven to be far more challenging than we could have anticipated.

The bulk of our released content so far has actually been developed internally by the company’s own Game Studio.

The studio came into being about four years ago with only a handful of people.

Our ride on the skill-game rollercoaster Its original mission was to function as an R&D lab—to act as a test bed for integrating with our proprietary.

Gaming platform and to create prototypes to illustrate the process of turning interactive games into viable gambling propositions.

As some of these early efforts were met with an enthusiastic audience reception, the team expanded to focus on full-scale content development.

Today, the Game Studio consists of 21 very capable and creative people across a range of disciplines: engineers, artists, designers, mathematicians, producers and QA.

It functions as a flat hierarchy centered around trust, and has a somewhat unconventional operational philosophy that strives to amplify the inherent strengths of small, agile teams at the expense of more formal corporate processes.

Just in the past two years, we have designed, developed and produced 17 titles for our two.

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