Progressive Party

Progressive Party

Progressives are “a real area of focus for suppliers right now,” Hemberger says,

Citing AGS’s Royal 9, with about 200 units in the field, as “one of the fastest growing products in our portfolio at the moment.”

One reason baccarat progressives failed in the past is because players had to split the pot, Hemberger says.

“So if there was $100,000 on a progressive meter and four players at the table, if I won I only got $25,000. And that’s not a good deal.”

Royal 9 “very successfully individualizes the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot” by assigning distinct winning combinations to each player:

for example, Seat 1 wins with a Jack of hearts and a Nine of spades, while Seat 2 wins with a King of clubs and Nine of diamonds.

Progressive Party “We have now allowed a player to win 100 percent of the jackpot, with everyone else getting ‘some type of payout,’ like a consolation prize.”

Royal 9 is now live at MGM National Harbor, Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods and Maryland Live!, among other properties, with recent installations at Fallsview Casino and Caesars Windsor in Canada.

As if that isn’t enough, at G2E 2019 AGS presented a second-generation progressive, Bonus Spin Xtreme, which can link all table games in a casino and offer a single shared progressive jackpot—a first.

Hemberger cites its ability to provide “one unique progressive jackpot winner for community-style.

Table games like roulette, baccarat and craps, while enabling all participating players to be rewarded with a community prize.

That helps players encourage other players to make a bet, because they can win off each other’s hand.

When you have so many games linked, you have the opportunity to have life-changing jackpots that can exceed $1 million.”

Which brings us to the inevitable question: does baccarat in all its iterations have staying power as the casino patron base changes?

Progressive Party Snow, for one, says you bet.

“Baccarat players, who have always been very traditional, have allowed the games to go commission-free. They’ve allowed the side bets and EZ Baccarat.

I think baccarat players today, especially younger baccarat players, are more embracing of new content.

And in this tough world, that makes me optimistic that they’ll say, ‘Wow, that’s a compelling idea. Wow, I want to play that game too.’”

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