Bonus Spin

Bonus Spin

Digital prize wheel that connects to a blackjack table or any other table game, including poker derivatives.

It offers players a spin on the wheel for hitting a specific hand.

bonus feature includes a colorfully glowing roulette-style wheel that shoots as many as 60 balls into the ring.

Fortune Cup, the horse-racing game, brings the Sport of Kings to the lineup. I

ts mechanical track allows horse figures to move side-to-side and change direction on the course.

Their actions are mirrored through LCD displays with pristine digital demonstration of the game as it occurs.

Casinos have the flexibility to connect satellite terminals and displays for an arena participation environment.

The products will be released this year, amid high expectations.

“Crystal Cyclone and Fortune Cup each exemplify the development and engineering expertise we have available with our parent company (Konami Holdings) in Japan,” says Steve Walther, senior director of marketing and product management for Konami Gaming.

Bonus Spin “Crystal Cyclone is most similar to Titan 360—comprised of personal video slot stations that interact through a central mechanical bonusing experience.

Fortune Cup is a multi-station horse racing concept that uses realistic mechanical detail and powerful digital interaction through LCD software displays.

Fortune Cup also carries an innate element of instant social gratification with each win as the horses cross the finish line and top awards tally up.”

Walther says community gaming has largely evolved from linked progressives—jackpot bonuses that span multiple machines and allow players to simultaneously contribute and potentially trigger a central tier of metered jackpots. Demand continues to grow, he asserts. Patrons are not only in the game, they are the game.

“Whether it’s online, mobile, console or on-site gaming, there is a big consumer demographic that is hungry for games that include smart elements of social interaction,” Walther indicates.

“That’s what we’re aiming to cultivate with our next-generation product—spanning multi-station and skill-based machines. We debuted a skill-based game at G2E last fall called Beat Square, similar to Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution.

Bonus Spin It challenges players to compete in hitting a lighted game pad in a rhythmic series, with a modification that the music pad exists as a hand-tap dashboard.

This game has a clear social connection by putting top players in the spotlight and allowing them to compete.”

Walther considers community gaming a “hugely promising” product segment.

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