Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Forgive Me, Mother! After meeting and becoming writing partners six years ago,

comedic duo Lazy Susan find themselves coming to Australia

for the second time to take part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Lazy Susan, comprised of Freya Parker and Celeste Dring, are like two peas in a pod and will bring their sell-out show Forgive Me, Mother!, which Celeste describes as just a fun sketch show, to Melbourne this April.

“I guess it presents itself as sort of an old school variety show.

There’s sketches in it, but there’s a lot of us just speaking to the audience and basically just saying we’re going to have a great time tonight,” says Parker.

“Then the show gets derailed by our fears and anxieties and egos.

So we’re trying to say, this is just a show, don’t worry about it.”

The last time the pair came to Australia they were taking part in a revue show and did a 20-minute set,

which they say was a great learning experience, but they’re looking forward to doing what they do best.

Although the pair aim to create a universal and robust show that’s easy to take on the road,

sometimes they have to alter the show to make it relevant to their current audience.

A joke that makes sense in the UK won’t necessarily translate to Australian audiences,

so they have to review the show and make sure everything fits.

“I think we just do what’s necessary ± whatever works, whatever will allow the show to succeed.

We don’t change stuff for the sake of it, but I think if stuff ’s not working, then we’ll definitely change it,” Dring explains.

When they aren’t performing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the duo are looking forward to exploring the city.

Parker says that they loved Melbourne last time and are excited about watching other comedy acts and just hanging out.

“And meeting some nice Aussie boys,” Dring chimes in, laughing.

After a good start to the year, performing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in January before getting some warmer weather in February, Lazy Susan are keeping themselves busy by writing a radio show, a TV pilot and a short film.

The radio show, The East Coast Listening Post, is featuring on BBC Radio 4 and is described as a playful spoof of This American Life, radio shows and very earnest journalists.

“We’re basically leaving live for a little bit, just to concentrate on TV things, but I think we’ll be back making another show,” Dring states.

“I don’t love gigging but I love doing the whole hour, where you can really take the audience on a journey.

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