A Word from the Captain

A Word from the Captain

The three-masred sreel ship Danmarkwas builr an Nakskov Shipyard in Denmark in 1933 as a rraining ship for caders for the mer chanr marine.

Wirh rhe exceprion of service in America in World War II, chis has been rhe purpose of rhe ship for 66 years.

A roral of 97 people are on board rhe Danmark fo r every cruise-80 caders, rhe caprain, and a crew of 16.

As a sa il ing ship, rhe Danmark is expecred ro sail powered by the wind, bur rhe ship also has a schedul e ro keep.

If rhe wind is erraric, we rel uctantly start the main engine, wirh 357 kw outpur.

 As our caders soon learn, the Danmark can be rigged wirh 15 square sails and ren sraysails.

Finally, rhe mizzen masc is rigged wirh a spanker.

The sails are maneuvered by 236 ropes, rhe names and use of which rhe young crew must learn by heart, quickly!

The 80 caders, currently 16 girls and 64 boys berween the ages of 17 and 21,

are divided inro two warches, srarboard and porr.

Once rhe Danmark is ar sea, borh watches have 2×6 hours of watch/school in a 24-hour period. For the five months on board,

a cadet’s privare life is limited ro a hammock, a small chest and an equally small locker for personal belongings.

A grear number of pracrical and rheoreti cal maririme subjecrs are raughr on board and the basic course is rounded off by a rwoweek workshop course,

after which the caders may cominue their rtai ning by signing on either as ordinary seamen on a mercham.

Bur !er us turn ro the pasr fo r a while.

The second world war was a proud period in rhe hisrory of rhe Danmark.

Seven of them cap rained their own ships before they were 21.

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