114 Years Afloat

114 Years Afloat

And what is she? She is a marvelously well preserved example of a late-19th-century gentleman’s yacht.

She comes from an important peri od in yachting history, when designers and builders were beginning to marry.

the analytical power of scientific calcul ation and design theory to what long experience had taught them.

She was solidly built in a wooden shipbuilding tradition extending back hundreds of years.

Coronet has served all her owners well. She was the pride and joy of seven yachtsmen: Rufus T. Bush (1885-89); Arthur E. Bateman (1890-91);

John D . W ing (189 1- 93); Arthur Curtis James (1893- 98); Fred S. Pearson (1898-99); John I. Waterbu ry (1899- 1901 ); and Louis Bossert (190 1- 05).

In 1905 she was purchased by The Kingdom, a nondenominati onal Biblestudy group founded by Frank W. Sandford.

Headquartered at Shiloh, near Durham, Maine, the group owned a succession of vessels, bur it was Coronet that served them longest.

She performed fa ithfully for them for an extraordinary 90 years, making rwo trips to the Holy Land, a circumnavigation and a voyage to northern waters, as well as many shorter trips in her later years.

In arecord un precede med in the annals of yacht – ing, she has been continuously afloat and in service for the 11 4 years since she was launched.

Her adventures wo uld fill a book and, indeed, they already have. Her owners and passengers comributed their stories of life on board to Coronet Memories, which was published in 1899.

One yea r earlier Mabel Loomis Todd, the wife ofastronomer D avid P. Todd, published Corona and Coronet,

an acco unt of the Amherst Eclipse expedition which traveled aboard Coronet to Japan to observe the total ecl ipse of the sun in 1896, when she was owned by James.

In 1998 Timothy F. Murray, himself captain of Coronet for The Kingdom and son of a Coronet captain,

published a history of the ship which rakes her from her launching umil the dare on whi ch, one hundred years later,

she was donated to the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS), a nonprofit group in Newport,

Rhode Island , where smdems learn the skills, history and related sciences involved in the restoration and maimenance of classic yachts.

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