Flume knows what gets a modern dance floor moving. Builds, hooks
and drops follow one after another at a rapid pace without letting up

A DJ could spin this alongside Passion Pit, Gold Panda and SBRTKT without pausing for breath.

By the time ‘On Top’ repeatsits catch for the thirteenth time in
three and a half minutes, though, it’s starting to get claustrophobic.

I could have included Jamie XX in the list above, as some of the ways
he programmes are similar, but his understanding of depth, Flume

space and structure way outstrips that of Flume, his former touring partner.

Though there is some real undoubted potential here “hit” single ‘Sleepless’ is a great song the album peters out with underwhelming attempts at dubstep electronica, hip-hop and some really clunky guest appearances.

By the end you’re left feeling exhausted and utterly deflated.

In 2002, it was the passionate absolution for a band determined to make it work; the statement of proof they’d make it, whatever it took. Now, it’s just how Interpol want it to be: a love letter to the fans that got them here in the first place.

“I think it [the album] just set everything in motion,” Kessler muses. “I appreciate the sport of discussing music, but the first time you hear something,

there’s only one first time. I did that a million times over but for me I’ve never looked back at what we just did and compared it to what we might do or could do.

“It’s always been an organic thing for us and we either felt it or we didn’t. I think if we’d had those kind of discussions, we wouldn’t have gotten very far.

It was always a case of, ‘Are we into what’s happening in this room or are we not’ If we are, then it moves forward, if we’re not, it comes to a standstill.

We’ve always kept it that simple and fortunately we’ve always had enough to inspire and motivate us to go in different directions. I wouldn’t want to sit there and try and do something we already did.

“Artistically I’m always excited about what the next record will do and we’ve never looked at this from the point of view of ‘this didn’t work, we’ll try this’.

I think if we did, we’d be a very different band. It’s always been about what we have to say and I think we’ve always had enough to say.”

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