Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else

While Cloud Nothings’ sound might recall thrashy, angsty guitar bands of
the ’90s, their latest release Else

comes across as divorce rock without the divorce – “I had nothing to be angry about really so the approach was more positive,”

says lead singer and main songwriter Dylan Baldi about ‘Here and Nowhere Else’.

While he does his upmost to inject fervour in his delivery, the album lacks edge, as finding a happy place seems to have cost the intensity of Baldi’s song writing.

These eight tracks all feel a bit thrown together, too. This is the Ohio collective’s fourth LP since their

formation just five years ago, and as such, it feels slightly rushed.

Although there are strong tunes in the form of the nihilistic ‘No Thoughts’ and lead single ‘I’m Not Part of Me’,

these are fleeting moments of melodic clarity on an otherwise unrefined, and unfocused record.

It’s true that it retains the appealingly louche lo-fi production and the

spontaneity of their earlier work, but you can’t help but feel a more

assiduous approach would have made for a record worth getting passionate about.

“I think there’s also that thing that if bands that I love had announced something like this, I’d be dead excited, so

I understand it on some abstract level but we find it very hard to see ourselves like that.

We wrote that record not knowing what we were doing, like all bands who write their first records, so it’s flattering that people hear in that record

what I hear in the debut albums of all the bands I love.”

It’s an offhand comment but one that seems to underline 65daysofstatic’s
overriding attitude to the decade since

‘The Fall of Math’s initial release, and the l3 years the band has been active.

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