The Art Museums

The Art Museums

“We are pop fans,” says Glenn “and this is our museum. [We also love] The Monkees, The Smiths, The Jam,

The Kinks, and the 90’s work of Strapping Fieldhands, Magnetic Fields and Guided By Voices. Josh is a Syd Barrett worshiper.”

“I wonder what Belle And Sebastian would say?” ponders Glenn’s bandmate. “Thank you though.”

Josh snaps out of his brief daydream. “These are all hallowed names in our hearts.” “We are burnt-out old hippiepunk-indie weirdos,” admits Glenn, proudly.

“It’s all the same really, isn’t it? California has always been a blend of these seemingly disparate things. Black Flag were in fact HUGE Grateful Dead fans (look it up).”

The songs themselves – naïve and void of cynicism like nothing else we’ve heard outside of ma and pa’s record collection

The Art Museums were all written and recorded over the past six months, which is when the band formed.

Onstage, like with so many duos, The Art Museums become more than two,

beefed up with real life musicians Virginia Weatherby on electronic drums and Carly Putnam on bass.

For what is largely a two-man show though, it’s quite the meteoric rise, from concept to debut album release in half a year.

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