In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’

In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’

Empire recently posted a blog on their site extolling the virtues of Hollywood’s ‘27%ers’ – actors with the ability to elevate your enjoyment of a movie by up to a wholly unscientific approximate of 27 per cent,

just by popping up in a minor role.

For example, successful 27%ers who have gone on to graduate to leading man status include Sam Rockwell, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Rudd.

Coen Brothers alumnus Richard Jenkins got a well-earned Oscar nomination for his leading man role in The Visitor,

having made a 25-year career out of scene-stealing in the likes of There’s Something About Mary and Intolerable Cruelty.

The blog opened up to Empires readers suggesting their own favourite 27%er, In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’

but shockingly it wasn’t until the 39th comment that the name of arguably the finest of them all cropped up. : hollywood’s

Brian Cox could well be the ultimate exponent of the minor character arts, instantly whisking away scenes in a plethora of movies: Fincher’s Zodiac, Spike Jonze’s

Adaptation and Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour are fantastic films, but it’s the presence of Cox that elevates them. In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’.

It’s something about the man’s presence, his voice – a deep gruff Dundee brogue – that resonates. He may only get 2 minutes screentime, but that’s all he needs to make an indelible mark.

You know how when you first heard The Strokes’ ‘12:51’ you thought it was too short? In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t. The proof is here on Julian Casablancas’ debut solo album, in the form of 8 seemingly endless tracks.

The Strokes’ first comeback single left us hankering for more; so lean there was no time to get bored of that playful keyboard-sounding guitar riff;

‘Phrazes for The Young’ is the band’s creative figurehead cross-breeding the ever drawn-out genre of In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’.

country and western with 80s electronics, and there’s plenty of time to get fidgety throughout.In Praise of Brian Cox : hollywood’s ulimate ‘27%er’

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