The first ever awards event,

The first ever awards event,

The brainchild behind the Word 4 Weapons Awards is Michael Smith,

The first ever awards event, who founded the Charity in 2007, to counter the gun and knife crime prevalent amongst young people.

He did so by placing knife bins in key places, so that people could get rid of their weapons and receive a Bible in return.

There are currently 25 knife bins located in 13 boroughs which have, to date, collected 6000 weapons.

Over 100 people were present at the Awards, held at SW1 Gallery in Victoria, Central London.

Special guests included Rev Les Isaac, founder of Street Pastors; Bishop John Francis,

Senior Pastor of Ruach Ministries in Brixton, and special guest Charlene White, a presenter on London Tonight.

A total of nine awards were presented.

Recipients included Pastor Mimi Asher, who opened up her home to young gang members, and provides mentoring to them;

The first ever awards event, up-and-coming singing star, Miss Camara, and Ray and Vi Donovan who, since the murder of their son,

have travelled the UK, sharing a message of hope, forgiveness and restorative justice.

Michael Smith shared with Keep The Faith his reasons for holding the Word 4 Weapons Awards event.

He said, “I wanted to create a platform to honour those unsung heroes who were making a huge impact within the community.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed with all the terrible stories we hear about gun and knife crime in the Media,

and to believe that it is impossible to change this culture.

I wanted to show that there are some truly amazing people,

who are working tirelessly and sacrificially in the background to do just that.

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