When you attend any Christian youth conference, relationships, careers, leadership and sin tend to be amongst the themes you’ll hear from the sessions.

Very seldom would you ever hear of a message on getting involved in public life.

Having young people involved in politics doesn’t really seem like a priority for the Church today, and this is a problem.

I myself got involved in politics from an early age, joining the Conservative Party at 19.

It has been a very challenging experience to date, and there have been tough moments,

Believers but overall, the privilege of being involved within the political system has allowed me to have a much broader perspective.

At 25 years, I sit at the table with key decision makers, with the hope of ensuring people from similar backgrounds to myself have a voice.

This isn’t because I’m necessarily more special than anyone else, but because, unfortunately,

Believers there simply aren’t enough people that are also getting involved.

The Bible that tells us, ‘When the righteous are in power, the people rejoice’ (Proverbs 29:2).

The Bible also tells us to ‘obey the laws of the land’, and Jesus Himself, the Son of God, established a precedent when He said,

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

In this Scripture, I believe Jesus was carrying on a common thread that can be seen throughout the Bible:

the idea that government plays a part in God’s plans for humanity.

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