Ruth Giachino Zavitsanos

Ruth Giachino Zavitsanos

A featured travel and Huffpost blogger and a published author, Ruth Giachino Zavitsanos brings the Real. Strong.

Women. brand into her writing, giving her characters the attributes of Alpha Chi Omegas.

“I strive for my female characters to be encouraging and build bonds with other women,” she explains of her novels.

Along with books for adults, Ruth also writes children’s chapter books, in which she communicates the importance of being kind and caring.

Ruth studied journalism at Marshall University, where she joined Alpha Chi Omega her freshman year and lived in the chapter house the following three years until graduating.

 “During that time, I met outstanding women who encouraged, inspired and supported me,” she says of her Gamma Omicron chapter sisters.

The Alpha Chi Omega support system was crucial for Ruth while she was developing both personally and in her career.

“When I was a DJ for WMUL on the morning show that was from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., all of my sisters with 8 a.m. classes called in to request a song,

and my house roommates set their alarm just to call in,” she recalls.

“Several of my sisters and I went to church at the Newman Center together. Not everyone had a car back then,

but those who did offered rides. It was obvious that we all took to heart the motto, ‘Together let us seek the heights.’”

The friendships Ruth gained are lasting; decades after graduating, several sisters reunited for a trip to New York City.

In her blog post about this adventure, Ruth reflects, “Bonded through AXΩ, we are lifelong friends.

We are the ones who knew us when we barely knew ourselves, the ones worth walking thousands of steps with throughout this lifelong journey.”

On her own journey, Ruth has served her community by offering school and library visits for young readers, encouraging them to find a love for reading.

She has also donated her books to libraries and shelters in order to make her message accessible to all.

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