Turning a Corner

Turning a Corner

As Alpha Chi Omega rounded the corner of the first twenty-five years of existence,

the Fraternity’s leadership appeared both proud of the organization’s accomplishments and ready for future growth and challenges.

Grand Historian Grace Hammond Holmes shared this message in 1911: We have touched upon all the present activities to give the alumnae some definite idea of what Alpha Chi Omega is doing. The twenty-fifth anniversary of her founding was celebrated last year.

If we review her accomplishments, we shall see that through discouragement and self-sacrifice upon the part of many loyal members, step by step a steady gain has been made.

In asking for your continued interest, let us consider the great motive back of women’s fraternities, which, briefly stated, is the development of womankind along broad, democratic lines.

You might say that Fraternity is one factor in her emancipation; a factor in the ‘finding of herself.’

The very fact that our council is drawn from the alumnae, and not from the active body, proves that we should be a strong, productive organization.

 May we live up to our open motto— ‘Together, let us seek the heights.’ An article in the January 1911 issue of The Lyre remarked on the Fraternity’s twenty-five years of existence:

The quarter century that is past spells out plainly two things: that fraternity greatness does not happen;

it comes from clear-eyed conception of an ideal; and that fraternity effectiveness does not happen, but comes from the outpouring of energy toward reaching that ideal.

For a fraternity to have a goal is not enough; a fraternity must be reaching its goal.

The success of the first twenty-five years clearly set the foundation for high expectations for the next quarter century.

In 1915, National President Alta Allen Loud outlined the state of the Fraternity, so to speak, from her perspective, in her presidential report:

For the past three years the Council has worked incessantly for an intensive development of our members, and with this view we have earnestly stressed three points:

Scholarship, a loyal participation in college activities and an earnest representation in the Christian life

and work of the various institutions where we are represented.

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