After the recent Budget Vote speech of Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma – the

new Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning,

Monitoring and Evaluation – she showcased a few entrepreneurs who have produced innovations that could make a difference to our society.

These included a rubbish bin that sends a message to your phone when it is full, a locally-produced stethoscope,

safety suits for mines and construction sites, fire-retarded paint that could help stop shack fires, solar-charged backpacks, and bricks made out of scrap paper.

The aim of showcasing these innovations was to show that South Africans were tapping into

funds made possible because of the National Development Plan, something of which most South Africans remain unaware.

 It was also meant to show how business people, especially young entrepreneurs,

are helping to advance the goals of the National Development Plan by trying to advance our economy.

The problem is that there are many people in South Africa who still see the NDP as a government plan and not a South African plan.

 This is a perception that needs to change if we are going to succeed as a country.

 Since the election of Cyril Ramaphosa first as ANC President and then as President of the country, there has been a renewed spirit of cooperation between government and business. But, as always, more can be done.

This publication is part of our Vision 2030 project, a private sector initiative in which we try to facilitate better cooperation between government

and business in order to achieve the NDP’s goals of significantly reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment.

The Summit and Awards, which happen annually in June, is an important part of this project,

because it is there that we talk about and acknowledge the good work that is being done

by government and the private sector.

In this publication, we reflect on the progress of the past year and what still needs to be done if we are going to reach the ambitious goals

of the NDP by 2030, which is only 12 years away.

We hope to inspire others, especially those in the private sector, to embrace our national plan and to look at ways in which we can make it work.

Ultimately, all of us will benefit if our country grows in the way envisaged in the NDP.

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