Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson Extra everything

Tired of being a good girl and ready to really let loose, the country singer who broke through

with her 1998 Eurovision Song Contest contribution, Kärleken Är, is back in a new disguise.

With her own solo show at Stockholm’s Hamburger Börs,

Jill Johnson wants to marry everything she Jill Johnson

has done in the past with facing her fears and pushing boundaries, and she promises extra everything.

“I don’t know about fire, I might not be able to involve that,” laughs the singer.

“But other than that, I’m going to do everything.”

The title of Jill Johnson’s 18th and most recent album, which was released in the UK earlier this year, perhaps offered a clue.

But A woman can change her mind did not, contrary to what one might think, refer to the singer’s career path.

“It’s a nice interpretation, but the lyric itself is actually about a relationship where

I had that feeling of the other person not investing enough, and wanting to say that if you’re not bothered,

I can change my mind and walk away,” she says.

“But of course, as an album title it also points to that Eurovision label I got way back when,

bearing in mind that I’ve done everything from rock country to pop rock, but always with a love of country at the heart of it.

It’s like, Jesus, I’m allowed to change my mind, right?”

Back to Nashville

The country may have been a constant in the Johnson portfolio,

but no one can deny that the singer from the small town of Ängelholm in Skåne has

been as brave as she has been adventurous in her day.

The Eurovision thing, for starters, was not exactly the easy option many might consider it to be.

“I had just met my husband and moved to Borås for him, and I was working as a secretary at the time,” she recalls.

“Then I became a star overnight and pretty much made all the rookie mistakes one can make.

I did the most crazy things you can imagine, and it was all a lot of fun

but let’s just say I would choose a different strategy if I was to do it all over again today.”

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