Annual festival

Annual festival celebrating Norway’s mountains

Norsk Fjellfestival (Norwegian Mountain Festival) is an annual festival celebrating the

Norwegian mountains near Åndalsnes in western Norway.

“Since the inception of the festival fifteen years ago,

it has developed into three annual events,” says festival manager Solrun Sylte.

“In 1999, local mountaineers had the idea of showing our mountains to the masses,” Sylte explains.

And what started out as a few informal mountain trips has since developed into a week-long festival containing 130 mountain

walking and climbing tours, guided by experienced mountaineers.

The events and courses are open to adults, children and the whole family.

The competition Mountain King/Queen of the Year sees participants climbing the seven major surrounding mountains,

all higher than a thousand metres above sea level.

Winners of the additional Mountain Goat award include Olympic cross-country skiing champion Vegard Ulvang,

Foreign Minister Boerge Brende, and HRH Queen Sonja. In 2014 the festival will take place from 6 to 13 July.

“The first event of 2014 is Romsdals vinter (Romsdal’s Winter) between 10 and 13 April,” says Sylte.

It is held this year for the seventh time and consists of guided ski trips to the mountains as well as concerts,

speeches and food, all in and around Åndalsnes.

The event facilitates up to 100 people.

The latest addition to the festival is the new 8.6-kilometre run, Romsdalseggen, which takes place on 6 September 2014,” Sylte adds.

800 people can participate, and the highest point is at 1,200 metres above sea level.

The festival is close to Ålesund and Molde Airports,

with direct flights from all over Norway as well as London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Riga.

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