Tease the taste buds

Tease the taste buds at Gladmat food festival

Norway’s leading food festival is all about showcasing what the culinary world has to offer, both locally and internationally.

Every July, Vågen in Stavanger transforms into a bustling food festival.

For four action-packed days vendors, Tease the taste buds

food producers and restauranteurs stand side by side along the dockside to let visitors get a taste of their best products.

“We see ourselves as Scandinavia’s biggest conveyor of food culture and food experiences,” explains festival manager Mona Vervik.

“We want the festival to mirror the food tradition in Norway, but also international cuisine.

It is all about exhibiting the diversity and extensive range of food traditions,

from local traditional products to new cooking trends.”


Vervik explains that there is a multitude of activities, from food tastings,

beer tastings and cooking lessons to cook-offs and discussions.

The festival also encourages the vendors to offer low-cost tasting platters, Tease the taste buds

so that the visitors more easily can try several products and dishes and keep the festival from becoming a costly event.

Vervik wants the visitors to be inspired.

“I want people to leave the festival full of food and full of impressions.

A motivation to come should be the possibility of tasting something new and being inspired by different ways of cooking.

The best feedback I get is when people say they’ve tried something for the first time at the festival.”

What makes the festival stand out is the involvement of local restaurants and chefs.

Known as the food capital of Norway, Stavanger is home to several wellrenowned and awarded chefs.

“The local restaurants contribute with tailored menus and their own events.

The restaurant industry in Stavanger has a very high standard due to our international community, and it is great that it is a part of the festival.”

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