Be the king

Be the king of the castle this summer

Looking to add a magical touch to your holiday this year? Interested in history and culture?

Look no further, as there is a perfect place for you.

Plonked in the middle of the countryside, not far from Gothenburg,

you will find a fairy tale castle like no other.

Inspired by the British arts and crafts movement, Be the king

Tjolöholm Castle was built at the turn of the last century by

a wealthy merchant family from Gothenburg.

In line with the arts and crafts movement’s ideas about high standards of workmanship and design, Be the king

every single feature of this stunning castle has been carefully thought out.

The result is an architectural triumph, open to visitors all year round.

“There are unexpected and imaginative details everywhere – I discover something new every day,”

says Karin Kvicklund, Tjolöholm’s culture manager.

Tjolöholm constitutes the perfect destination for the whole family.

Apart from experiencing the castle and its beautiful garden, visitors can also enjoy dinner at restaurant Storstugan.

In addition, Tjolöholm benefits from magnificent surroundings,

and the opportunity to visit the beach and go swimming in the sea should not be missed.

This summer, the youngest visitors can look forward to a number of children’s theatre shows as

well as an interactive exhibition about Astrid Lindgren’s mischievous character Emil.

“We want to give visitors a holistic experience of Tjolöholm Castle.

It’s our ambition that the environment, food, accommodation,

hospitality and service should all be interconnected,” Kvicklund explains.

This summer will offer something quite special for fans of a certain British costume drama.

An exhibition of original costumes from the TV series Downton Abbey opened earlier this year,

and the gorgeous outfits will be available for admiration until the end of the year.

“For those looking for wonderful cultural and nature experiences and curious about the history of the turn of the last century,

Tjolöholm Castle is a must-visit this summer,” Kvicklund concludes.

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