Explore the archipelago

Explore the archipelago by kayak

“You can find your own private island, even during peak season,”

says Astrid Landgren Patterson, owner of Kajak & Uteliv.

She is talking about the many possibilities of paddling in the Stockholm archipelago, Explore the archipelago

an extraordinary resource with thousands of islands and perfect water for beginners and advanced paddlers alike.

Paddlers and curious explorers from all over Europe visit Kajak & Uteliv’s facilities every year.

With great connections from both Stockholm city centre and Arlanda airport,

it is a simple way to escape to nature to practise your paddling skills.

“You will find us just where the leafy inner archipelago meets the barren outer archipelago,” says Landgren Patterson.

Kajak & Uteliv offers a range of courses and tours.

A new course this summer is Kayak & Outdoor Techniques which, Explore the archipelago

besides from teaching various paddling techniques,

will focus on good practice when being outdoors, including finding the best spot for your tent,

inspiration for cooking, how to store food for longer tours and much more.

Certified guides run all tours and the exact routes are decided while out on the water as they depend on the weather.

Nevertheless, the best tour if you want a proper archipelago expedition is Dalarö to Gräddö.

The five-day tour will take you through most of the Stockholm Archipelago.

“There is normally a day or two when you paddle with open sea on the horizon on your right.

That’s an incredible sense of freedom,” Landgren Patterson concludes.

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