A journey

A journey from the 18th century to the present day

A genuine working ship with a vibrant history, the East Indiaman Götheborg is a new historic

visitor destination that takes you on a journey marked by

storms and adventures – all through guided tours in the heart of Gothenburg.

“It was madness, really – an incomparable, quite un-Swedish mission,”

says Chatrine Fritzell, CEO of the East Indiaman Götheborg.

She describes the dedication and passion that led to the excavations

and rebuild in scale 1:1 of the original East Indiaman Götheborg ship, A journey

part of a legacy that put Gothenburg on the world trade map.

The Swedish East India Company was founded in 1731.

It was ground-breaking in its proactive approach to trade in the aftermath of the Silk Road,

which had brought exotic goods to Sweden, and ended up being one of the most profitable companies in the country’s history.

37 ships journeyed across the seas to the Orient, totalling 132 voyages.

The original ship, Götheborg, supposedly crashed into the Hunnebådan rock in 1745 on its way back into

Gothenburg harbour after its third voyage to China.

In 1993, the company was reborn as a relationship forging door opener to Swedish business and culture across the globe.

Welcome on board

The ship now resting in the Eriksberg harbour in Gothenburg is a replica of its inspirational original.

“It’s been built entirely according to 18th century methods and using authentic materials,

like cow’s skin to waterproof the rudder – no cheating,” says Fritzell.

Unveiled in 2003, with millions of people watching from across the globe,

the ship has been on eight expeditions around the world and welcomes visitors on guided tours.

The guides are dressed in authentic costumes and all have experience of sailing with the ship.

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