The whole

The whole of Norway’s food festival

Every year, during the first weekend of August,

the whole of Telemark in Norway get together and appreciate good food,

drink and the liveliness of the beautiful city of Skien at Mersmak food festival.

This year, the festival celebrates its tenth anniversary and

invites the whole of Norway to a feast with no comparison.

Local food and agriculture will be celebrated,

and 120 different exhibitors from Norway and beyond will present their offerings.

“It started mainly as a way to display all the good food that exists in Telemark.

Telemark is a food region and we wanted to show this,

and it has later developed to include exhibitors

from other places in Norway and further afield,” says general manager Kurt Olsen.

The festival is divided into different markets.

There is a farmer’s market, an organic vegetarian market, a restaurant and beer market,

an international market and a children’s market,

so it is safe to say that there is something for everyone.

“Unfortunately, I get way too little time to enjoy the food. Every year,

I realise by the end of the festival that I have completely forgotten to eat,” Olsen laughs.

Mersmak runs different courses throughout the weekend as well: one on how to pack a nice,

healthy lunchbox for children; one on what beer goes with what food; and one on how to bake traditional Norwegian flat bread.

“It is such a buzzy atmosphere from the start on the Friday until the very end on the Saturday.

There are generally around 60,000 visitors throughout the weekend, and the exhibitors bring bands along,

everything from Brazilian samba music to traditional Norwegian music.

It’s just a big feast,” says Olsen proudly.

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