Art is like falling

Art is like falling in love

When Thorkild NB Nielsen selects art for his gallery, Galleri NB in Viborg, he looks at the quality,

dynamics and, most importantly, whether it really fascinates him.

He has to fall in love with the piece and feel inspired.

At Galleri NB, he has shared his love for art for 30 years, Art is like falling

and all he wants is to keep sharing this love and happiness with as many people as possible.

When Thorkild NB Nielsen founded Galleri NB 30 years ago, Art is like falling

the gallery was 24 square metres and Nielsen was the only person working there.

Since then, the gallery has grown to 650 square metres and has several staff.

“I never did – and still don’t – do this for the money.

I do it because it is my passion. Art is not a job; it’s a lifestyle.

You don’t think about anything else, it’s art 24/7.

I want to share my own experience of art with as many people as possible,” says Nielsen.

Good technique

The gallery is divided into three showrooms: a main gallery section hosting the big exhibitions; the NBeX Project,

showcasing young, talented artists from all over the world; and a third gallery where specific artists are highlighted.

“When I look for new art and artists, I don’t care about their age or where in the world they come from.

I look for quality, dynamics and whether the art fascinates me.

The artists have to be technically very good, or they won’t be able to express themselves and their feelings.

It’s like playing an instrument; you have to master the technique

in order to play beautifully and express yourself and let your personality shine through,” says Nielsen.

Art is love

Nielsen has been passionate about art for most of his life.

He started painting when he was 14,

when he got brushes and a canvas for his confirmation.

When he opened the gallery in 1987, however,

he stopped painting so that people would not ask for his art. Yet his love for art continues to grow.

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