Culinary passion

Culinary passion over profit

As the only Japanese sushi restaurant in the Norwegian fishing town of Ålesund,

Zuuma is located 25 metres from the seafront, Culinary passion

providing restaurant-goers with the ultimate connection to the water as they tuck into the fresh fish.

First established in May 2015, Zuuma is owned by CEO Vincent Caballes,

head chef Andreas Ottosen and Oslo-based adviser Petter Thoresen.

“We were the first Japanese restaurant in the area,” explains Caballes.

“We serve sushi, grill and fusion, and our menu consists of two parts: a warm one, Culinary passion

which is grill, and a cold one, which is sushi.”

Caballes explains that the restaurant sells about 70 per cent sushi versus 30 per cent grill,

and that the chefs are both incredibly experienced and passionate.

“Our head chef used to work at Michelinstarred Bagatelle in Oslo,

and we also had one chef who worked at Fauna and another from Nobu – one of the world’s most highly regarded Japanese restaurants,” he says.

Although Caballes has a background in business,

he has been making sushi for the past five years and trained with some of the top sushi chefs in Norway,

where he has acquired certificates for both attending and passing culinary exams.

Local where possible With the sea on its doorstep, it is only natural for Zuuma to source the majority of its fish locally,

which is something they strongly believe in.

“Tuna is the only thing that is hard to get locally as they only catch it around this area once in a blue moon,

but they’ve recently started getting more of it in our local county, Møre og Romsdal,” says Caballes.

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