Food for thought

Food for thought

What happened to the good old local restaurant?

That is what the enthusiasts behind restaurant Österlånggatan 17 wondered.

So they opened their own updated version of this classic eatery, Food for thought

keeping the charm, friendliness and comfort, but updating the menus and the service.

Eating out in Stockholm was, for a long time, something of a challenge.

Options were limited, opening hours ungenerous and prices often extortionate.

Then something of a food revolution happened.

Österlånggatan 17 is undoubtedly part of this gastronomic transformation.

Situated on one of the most charming streets in Stockholm’s Old Town, Food for thought

restaurant Österlånggatan 17 is named after its location.

“We really wanted to signal that this is a local restaurant, hence the decision to name it after the address,”

founder and partner Mathias Pilblad explains.

The local aspect is key to the identity of the restaurant.

“We aspire to reclaim the idea of the local restaurant,

which for so long has had quite a bad reputation.

I think we’ve succeeded in that regard.”

Pilblad, who started out as a chef,

describes the food served at Österlånggatan 17 as “Scandinavian with a touch of southern Europe”.

The many small plates on the menu are an indication of the Mediterranean influence.

“It’s a much more enjoyable way of eating out. Going out for a meal should be lots of fun,” says Pilblad.

The ambitious bar offers a selection of exciting cocktails,

and the skilled bartender is known for his ability to figure out what kind of cocktail would suit each individual guest.

The joyful atmosphere of Österlånggatan 17 is also noticeable in the names of the cocktails.

How about a Frozenstrawberrymargaritadaiquiripiñacolada after dinner?

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