Staff Valete Robin Hammond

Staff Valete Robin Hammond

Robin Hammond leaves the School after thirty four years of sterling service.

He has been a highly valued member of the Chemistry department (including a year as Head of Department),

 a residential deputy Hsm in The Berrystead from 1989 – 2006, tutor in Laxton from 2006 until now, and School Proctor for six years.

He has also coached a major sport (rugby, football, hockey or cricket) for three days a week, every week, for every term that he has been at Oundle.

Following highly successful Berrystead Field Weekend trips to the Peak District and the Lake District,

Robin was the first teacher to organise a major overseas cricket tour to the Caribbean, taking an U14 cricket team to the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago as well as Barbados)

 in 1993, where they won all nine matches. This was followed by two further overseas cricket tours to

South Africa and again to the Caribbean where

he played a support role to John Wake and Tony Howorth.

He pursued his love of sport and travel with an exchange year to New Zealand in 1993 – 4,

where he taught Chemistry and was a deputy Hsm at Wanganui Collegiate School,

and over the year, travelled to every part of the islands partly in his borrowed ‘Yellow Peril’ (Mitsubishi),

including a three week circuit of the coastline of the South Island and a visit to the lesser known Stewart Island.

 Since coming to Laxton, he has been a crucial part of nineteen consecutive First

and Second Form Field Weekends to the South coast and to North Yorkshire.

Robin has been an inspirational teacher throughout his career, always looking to go that extra mile to find a way to help young chemists understand

and come to love his subject. Robin was proud to be invited to be one of the early teacher mentors at the week-long

Salters Chemistry Camp for Fourth formers at Birmingham University for three consecutive summer holidays.

The Junior Chemistry vols, where First and Second formers got the chance to see the results of mixing alkali metals with water,

to make hydrogen-oxygen rockets, to write with fire, to make crystal gardens, to make the spontaneously flammable silane gas

and the explosive silver acetylide or to gather eagerly on the roof of SciTec to watch exothermic reaction thermite used on rails to weld them together

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