A Hepburn like no other

A Hepburn like no other

In a year of frustration and compromise for the Music department in many respects,

the annual Hepburn competition – like many other things – became a virtual occasion, intended to get as many of Oundle’s musicians blowing, hitting and bowing as possible from all over the world.

Pupils were asked to record themselves performing a solo with or without accompaniment over half term,

and to submit their best effort online to be judged by the Music department.

In total across all categories this came to well over 400 entries, with submissions from around the world and across the spectrum of musical instruments.

The results of each category were announced, along with a total of fourteen masterclasses led by the Heads of each Musical department.

These masterclasses, taking place predominantly on the Saturday before our return to school

in the Easter Term, involved performances from

accomplished musicians with guidance and advice from teachers.

As such, they served both to highlight notable musicians within each instrumental category, and to inspire and instruct less experienced pupils.

In some, those attending were also treated to a short performance from music teachers themselves – a rare treat indeed!

For most instrument classifications, there was a foundation, intermediate and advanced category

(and an additional diploma category in the most competitive areas), with the winner of the highest category progressing to the Hepburn final.

Whilst many musicians exhibited notable performances and were therefore rewarded with prizes in their category,

particular congratulation must go to Rohan Dahiya (L L6) and Marcus McDevitt (L L6), who each won two senior categories with different instruments.

 The finalists’ recital is scheduled to take place on the evening of Sunday 2 May with hopes for an invited live audience and an international broadcast.

Occurring annually after the main Hepburn weekend, this concert offers an opportunity to celebrate some

of Oundle’s most experienced and skilled soloists in their particular instrument types.

This climax of the School’s musical calendar is awaited with additional expectation from

the school community this year because it is also likely to be the first live music event of the year.

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