The chess resurgence

The chess resurgence

Of all the negatives in a dismal year,

there has been perhaps one striking and glowing positive for the School.

Since the airing of The Queen’s Gambit series on Netflix, the game of chess has captured the brains and imaginations of Oundle pupils again, hooking a new army of players.

This resurgence is aided by the use of online apps, making the game more accessible for pupils and the wider community.

Hence, today it is not uncommon to see an Oundelian playing an online game of chess at break.

For a game which over the past couple of years has been considered rather a niche pastime, this is a triumph.

In the past, the Chess Club had a dedicated, but relatively small following.

Nowadays, sources tell me that the club has enhanced its online platform, allowing Oundelians to access the game by streaming chess leagues.

Popularity has soared. Awareness of the games has grown. Thus, this new model seems to have gained support from the community.

Credit is certainly due to Mr Crooke, the Chess Club head. This new approach may become a thing for the future as well, as the Chess Club seeks to maintain and grow its support.

It is obvious that the game still enjoys a place deep seated in the hearts of our community.

Another reason why Oundelians seem to favour chess is that it allows them to escape from the miserable realities of a boring year.

Take the monotonous press conferences, or the mountain of statistics; chess alleviates people’s fears as they delve into a board game battlefield, forgetting the worries of the present.

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