Top speakers secured

Top speakers secured

TWO OF NEW Zealand’s most decorated amateur photographers will

be centre stage at this year’s Central Regional Convention in Stratford, from 29 September to 1 October.

Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ FPSNZ FNPSNZ and Ron Willems Hon PSNZ FPSNZ FAPS AFIAP ARPS have strings of letters after their names as testimony to their photographic achievements.

Both are past presidents and life members of the Christchurch Photographic Society as well as life members and Fellows of the Photographic Society of New Zealand

. Most importantly, both are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience.

Both Newell and Ron are highly approachable and will be available to attendees throughout the Convention.

Newell and Ron will share the Friday night opening keynote presentation which is themed ‘Beginning and Winning’.

Divulging practical hints and techniques, Newell will reveal what he calls his ’secret formula’ – half a dozen simple ways to add interest to photographs.

Ron will explain how he sets up his camera to be ready

to grab potential winning opportunities as they arise.

 In Ron’s solo presentation on Saturday morning, the subject will explore hunting for photographs with different lenses, from different angles, under different themes.

Examples will be drawn from his extensive photography in New Zealand and abroad.

 Ron has won every major NZ photographic salon at least once and we will learn from his approach.

 Newell’s Saturday presentation will explain his passion for photojournalism.

It will consider such questions as whether to ask subjects for permission before photographing and show the minimal gear he uses. Ron and Newell will both give workshop presentations on the Sunday.

There will be a wealth of information available to attendees of these workshops.

 Over the past three years, Ron has spent 500 days in the USA, travelling 70,000km by RV.

Ron will offer tips on travel photography and show how he has approached nature subjects, landscapes and creative photography while on the road. Newell’s workshop will consider the age-old question:

“What can I do with my photographs?” He will talk about donating images, making books and calendars, creating audio-visuals (AVs) and other alternatives.

Newell will suggest that every photographer should create at least one AV – and why – and provide some working guidelines to achieve this outcome.

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