Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside

There are other ways to treat high IOP other than surgery or medicines that attack the problem directly.

Neuroprotection, in whatever its form, helps to treat glaucoma by protecting the optical nerve

and potentially finding a “back door” to glaucoma treatment.

On Day 3 of the World Glaucoma e-Congress (WGC 2021), experts convened in a session dedicated to this topic. Clinical neuroprotection trials

Dr. Robert Weinreb, from the University of California, San Diego (USA), spoke about the lessons and reflections from neuroprotection clinical trials.

A number of trials, both clinical and pre-clinical, have already been done into glaucoma neuroprotection.

Pre-study planning, with detailed modelling and verification using real world data is important, ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

as well as selecting appropriate endpoints whether it be VF, optical disc or something else.

Study design is vital and researchers must consider several questions including:

who are the target patients, how will they be recruited and where will the trials be performed?

 He says it’s also important to consider how researchers will monitor patient enrollment

and the need for reading centers and a post-trial analysis plan.

After examining all of the research done so far, both in clinical and preclinical,

Dr. Weinreb believes glaucoma neuroprotection clinical trials can be done, both at a reasonable cost and with good numbers of patients.

In conclusion, a neuroprotective drug for the treatment of glaucoma can and will be found, and will help to preserve the vision of countless individuals throughout the world.

Preclinical evidence for neuroprotection Dr. Kathryn Bollinger from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, (USA), gave a presentation on preclinical evidence for neuroprotection.

Although we may think of neuroprotection as an intervention independent of intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction that prevents retinal ganglion cell (RGC)

 death, it is possible for a single therapeutic (such as telmisartan, among others)

to have both IOP lowering properties as well as neuroprotective effects.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี


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