• Why choose an orthopedic mattress?
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    Why choose an orthopedic mattress?


    For everyone

    Better safe than sorry. In the case of orthopedic mattresses (a specialty here at Lits d'Or), not only will you benefit from repairing sleep and superior comfort, it's your back's health that you will be protecting. Daily activities can, in the long term, put your back's health in harm's way; as of health and wellness, sleep is a very important element that is still more neglected than others. Since the mattress wears out over time and becomes unconfortable, it's a significant one in many factors leading to sleep troubles. Stress and accumulated tensions are often the root cause of our increased need for sleep. Unfortunately, it also causes insomnia. Sleeping on a bad mattress invariably causes uneven pressure on the body, which eventually lead to a condition of muscle contractions, pain, and stiffness. The most frequently observed by the sleeper is back pain. The

    body weight is primarily supported by the back, and a poor quality mattress will not provide the necessary support, which is very often the cause of back pain.


    For overweight people

    When we are experiencing overweightness, mattresses often tend to have trouble supporting our body. Pressures and pain can then occur in the back. In the case of obesity, it is very important to sleep on a good mattress. Only a good orthopedic mattress, well suited for our condition, will be able to provide the restful sleep we want. It is also suspected that sleep loss in obese people can affect their health, more than any other cause! The lack of sleep is not only recognized as one of the factors of obesity, but it can also promote other diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and stenosis.


    For pregnant women

    Pregnant women commonly experience lumbosacral pain. It is favored by mechanical and hormonal changes that normally accompany pregnancy. Fetal development and increased maternal weight cause postural changes necessary for pregnant women to restore body balance. Relaxin, a hormone secreted abundantly in the early months of pregnancy, increases the tissues' elasticity and thus prepares the pelvic joints to distend in order to allow the fetus' growth and its passage during childbirth. Relaxin also increases the ligaments' and spine discs' elasticity. In total, significant weight gain, posture adjustments, impaired capacity of muscles and vertebral ligaments result in increased stress on the spine and promote the appearance of low back and buttock pain. Favored by rehabilitation, the posture, normal state of abdominal muscles and ligaments' rigidity progressively go back to normal within 3 to 6 months following childbirth.


    For athletes

    In recent years, the sports and leisure industry has considerably expanded, which has led to a growing number of sports-related injuries. Each year, 1.5 million people in the UK and 3.7 million in the United States go to the emergency room following a sports-related injury. Some injuries are only temporary while others cause lasting damage. Some are the result of an accident, others are due to inadequate stretching, training or improper equipment. They mainly affect the musculo-skeletal system (muscles, bones and associated tissues such as cartilage).